Home Auction – Maximise Results

Home Auctions can be a great way to sell your home fast, and maximise the price achieved. If you are considering a home auction, then your agent has probably told you that your home is unique, and when marketed correctly, will attract lots of attention. This will result in an excellent price being achieved.

This is great if you can attract the large number of potential bidders required, who through the natural home auction process, will drive the price past the reserve and into the “up for sale” territory.

For many people, buying a house at home auction is a huge gamble. Often there is little, or no property information on the condition of the building’s structure and termite situation. Potential bidders can be concerned that there may be underlying issues with the property. Buyers could find themselves in a difficult position, if the property has costly faults. A buyer who is successful under the hammer is making a non-negotiable commitment to purchase the property, i.e. there is no cooling off period.


Sellers who are looking to take their home to auction, and want to maximise the number of prospective buyers at their home auction will arrange for a Structural Building and Timber Pest (Termite) report to be conducted prior to the Auction. The Structural Building and Termite reports can be made available to all potential bidders giving them peace of mind that there are no underlying issues with the property.

In fact, when done right, the benefit of the Structural Building and Termite reports can be passed onto the buyer, giving them total peace of mind and confidence.

The best agents are creating a frenzy of confident bidders at home auctions by making these Structural Building and Termite reports available.

So if you would like the best outcome for your home auction, insist on a Structural Building and Termite report from Home Integrity. Click here to order yours now! Or phone Anne on 0420 803 292.