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Building Inspections and Electrical Safety

Building Inspections and Electrical Safety

Building Inspections and Electrical Safety

Did you know it is a legal requirement for trades to turn the mains power off before entering the roof space of any property? This includes inspectors completing pre-purchase building inspections in Perth, WA.

If you are buying an established home, an inspection of the roof void or ceiling space is an essential part of completing a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection.

Most electricity account holders have now likely received a letter from DMIRS – Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety explaining this requirement.

It’s a timely reminder to be vigilant around roof void access. There can be serious electrical hazards that pose a risk to anyone who enters the ceiling space.

If you are booking an inspection keep in mind, inspectors will need access to the main electrical switchboard and many are locked, requiring a key to open. If you are not at the property, make sure you have communicated access instructions to the inspector or agent prior to the site visit.

When an inspector cannot switch the power off it means they cannot access the roof void area. A return visit is required, and likely, an additional fee.

On top of this you have the timing constraints. The building boom is seeing wait times extend beyond cut off dates. It’s important to get inspections completed when booked.

Make sure your building inspector has access to the main electrical switchboard to avoid disappointment!

If you need a Building or Termite Pre-Purchase Building Inspection, we can take care of everything fast.

All our inspectors are experienced Registered Builders with full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Book online, mail us on [email protected], or call the team on (08) 8375 8130.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Cut Off Dates

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Cut Off Dates

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Cut Off Dates

If you are a savvy home buyer in Perth, Western Australia, you will want to get both Building and Timber Pest (Termite) Pre-Purchase Building Inspections completed before purchasing your new home.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections are essential due diligence for any new home buyer. They arm you with expert information on the structural condition of the home and the timber pest alerts you to timber pest damage or activity. Important information which can change your purchase decision.

But did you know the window for these inspections is only small and cut off dates are often overlooked.

The standard REIWA building and termite conditions, that form part of most offer and acceptance contracts, state a copy of the building report(s) must be received by the seller, seller’s agent, or seller’s representative by 4pm, on (a*) nominated date or (b*) by a specified timeframe e.g., 5 days after contract acceptance or 5 days after finance approval.

If you can’t arrange the inspector you want by the due date, you may lose the benefit of the building inspection conditions.

Take note of your report due by date when you receive your contract. Don’t leave booking your inspections to the last minute. The current building boom is seeing wait times extend beyond cut off dates and some sellers are hesitant to grant extensions.

We highly recommend you arrange your building inspections as soon as your contract is accepted. This will enable you to book the inspector of your choice and have the reports to the seller on time. Ensuring your rights under the contract are protected.

“The inspector was super thorough and picked up so many things that would have just slipped past me if I did the inspection myself. Very thankful for the care and detail.”

If you need a Building or Termite Pre-Purchase Building Inspection, we can take care of everything fast.

All our inspectors are experienced Registered Builders with full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Book online, mail us on [email protected], or call the team on (08) 8375 8130.

Practical Completion Inspections

Practical Completion Inspections

Perth New Home Practical Completion Inspection

If the new home you are building in Perth Western Australia is nearing completion, then pretty soon your builder will be notifying you that your new home is about to reach a very important milestone called Practical Completion or PC.

Practical completion (PC) is the stage of construction when the home is ready for its intended use, i.e., habitation.

Practical Completion is also the trigger for other key contractual and statutory requirements.

There may still be a few minor items for the builder to attend to like finishing off the landscaping, commissioning the air conditioner and final clean, but the utilities (Electricity, Water, Sewer and Gas) will be connected, and all fixtures and fittings would have been tested and all operational.

Practical completion is your opportunity to have an independent Building Inspector assist you with your inspection.

By using the services of a Building Inspector to assist you with your practical completion inspection, you will ensure quality standards are high at your new home by giving your builder a detailed report highlighting issues so they can systematically work through and repair them.


Handover – Keys / Payment

Once the practical completion report is complete and issued to the builder it will form part of an agreement linked to final payment and key handover.

Or in simple terms:

  1. Independent Building Inspector produces the Practical Completion report.
  2. Builder agrees to fix items on the Practical Completion report.
  3. The client agrees to make the final payment.
  4. Builder hands keys to the client.


Defects Liability Period

Once the final payment has been made and keys have been handed over, the Defects Liability Period starts.

The Defect Liability Period obligates the builder to make good all faulty and defective workmanship that arises in this period.

The statutory Defect Liability Period that covers most building contracts runs for 6 years from the date of Practical Completion.

Getting your builder back multiple times is painful for both you and your builder.

An exhaustive Practical Completion report will help to minimise future issues occurring.

For more information on the Defect Liability Period click here.


Home Indemnity Insurance

Most home building contracts are covered by a statutory requirement called Home Indemnity Insurance.

Home Indemnity Insurance will generally respond if the builder is unable or unwilling to make good faulty and defective workmanship that arises during the Defect Liability Period.


Build Better Webinar

If you would like more information about building a better house in this current building boom, click on the link below.

Perth Building Boom Webinar


As you have read, the Practical Completion inspection is a very important milestone of building your home as it triggers many other contractual and statutory requirements.

This is why it is important to have an advocate in your corner who is an expert in Practical Completion Inspections.

All inspectors at Home Integrity are WA Registered Builders, have built homes before and are experienced in Practical Completion Inspections.

Home Integrity inspectors will assess the standard of workmanship at your new home and report any deficiencies clearly to your builder in a language they understand to ensure rectification is completed the right way.

“An absolute must-have service while building! So happy with the inspection and inspector. Very professional and I would recommend it to any friend who is building.” Sheridan, Maddington

If you need a Practical Completion Inspection, we can take care of everything fast!

Email us at [email protected], or call the team on (08) 8375 8130.

How much does a building inspection cost?

How much does a building inspection cost?

how much does a building inspection cost?

The cost of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection in Perth can vary for several reasons, in much the same way prices vary on the cost of a new TV.

A large feature-packed name brand TV like Samsung or Sony with a 2-year warranty will set you back more when compared to a smaller generic brand like Kogan or a TLC TV with a short 6-month warranty.

The same can be said for costs relating to Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Perth as, a number of building elements (features), inspector’s experience/qualifications (name brand), and the extent of the inspector’s insurance (warranty) will all dramatically affect the cost of a building inspection.

Below you will find a list of our Pre-Purchase Inspections along with inspection costs.

Structural Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Perth Building Inspector inside roof space


Our essential, entry-level Structural Pre-purchase inspection satisfies the requirements of the REIWA Australian Standard Major Structural Defects Building Condition. The inspection scope is for Structural Defects to the residential building structure. i.e., footings, floor(s), exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling frame, roof frame and any retaining walls associated with the main residence. We also check for smoke alarms and RCDs.


Structural Plus Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Perth building inspector on ladder inspecting roof


Our Structural Plus Pre-Purchase inspection is the most popular and has all the inclusions the standard Structural inspection has, but we also check the roof exterior for major defects to identify any potential roof leaks, issues with stormwater drainage and surface water drainage.

Using specialized testing equipment, we also moisture test interior walls adjacent to shower recesses to check for high moisture readings to identify leaking showers, a typical cause of unhealthy mould and damage to surrounding finishes.


Structural Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Perth Building inspector subfloor pre purchase inspection


The Structural Premium Inspection is our most comprehensive inspection and includes two reports.

This Pre-Purchase Building Report Provides total visibility across the whole of the property, filling you with confidence all building elements have been checked.

The first report includes all items in the Structural Plus inspection and a comprehensive inspection including, but not limited to non-structural elements like cabinets, doors & windows, tiling, ceilings, all retaining walls, paths, fences, and other structures on the site like patios and pergolas.

The second report satisfies the requirement of the REIWA Gas and Electrical or “Good Working Order” annexure. Major defects to Electrical, Plumbing and Gas fixtures and fittings, are recorded in this report. This report advises the seller of what electrical, plumbing and gas items need to be fixed prior to settlement. For a full list of inclusions and pricing please click here.


Timber Pest (Termite) Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Live Termites found in Perth Home during Pre Purchase Inspection


The Timber Pest Inspection or Termite Inspection is a popular inspection that you will have completed with your Structural Pre-Purchase inspection as you will appreciate knowing if the house you are buying has any timber pest activity and/or damage. When completed with a Structural Pre-Purchase Inspection the cost is only an additional $195 inc GST.


Good Working Order Inspection


Good Working Order Inspection in Perth Home


A Good, Working Order report is included with the Structural Premium inspection but can be also added to your Structural or Structural Plus Pre-Purchase Inspection at a discounted rate if completed at the same time. This report lets your seller know what electrical, plumbing and gas items to fix prior to settlement which will make your Pre-Settlement Inspection a breeze.


Swimming Pool & Safety Barrier Inspection


Swimming Pool Pre Purchase Inspection Perth


Trust your pool inspection to our experienced pool builder, not the local pool cleaning shop. Our specialised swimming pool/spa inspection covers the pool, pool equipment including heating and inspection of the safety barriers keeping your family safe. The pool equipment in most contracts is included in the Good Working Order Annexure which means any issues identified in the reports can be passed onto the seller for action prior to settlement.

Regardless of what Pre-Purchase Inspection you decide to have completed you can rest assured the scope of all Home Integrity inspections have been designed to not only bring you peace-of-mind and clarity for what may be your biggest investment, but also at a price to suit all buyers.

All Home Integrity Pre-Purchase Building inspections are carried out by experienced, qualified Registered Builders who carry all full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

“Home Integrity was so helpful. They were quick to respond and booked us in quickly. The inspectors were very through and the reports were easy to understand. Overall we were very happy with Home Integrity.” Lorena, Karrinyup

If you need a pre-purchase building inspection, we can take care of everything fast. Email us at [email protected], or call the team on (08) 8375 8130.

Why adding a Good Working Order Inspection is a great idea

Why adding a Good Working Order Inspection is a great idea

Why adding a Good Working Order Inspection is a great idea!

If you are buying a home in Perth Western Australia, having pre-purchase building inspections completed by an experienced Registered Builder is essential to understanding the condition of the home you are buying including prior and current Timber Pest (Termite) damage and activity.

But what about the 150 + items of Electrical, Plumbing and Gas fixtures and fittings that form part of the Good Working Order Warranty that also need checking?

Are you going to do these checks yourself with a hairdryer or phone charger?

Are you going to do these checks a few days before settlement with limited time to make any repairs if you find issues?

What items are you going to check and how?


Over 150 items to check

Did you know there can be over 150 items to check in an average 4-bedroom 2-bathroom home in Perth?

For example, electrical checks will include light points, power points, appliances, and air conditioning. While Plumbing and Gas checks will inspect that wastes are free-flowing, drains and taps for leaks and function tests on gas appliances like hot plates, gas points and barbeques.


Compliant reporting

Both our Good Working Order and Pre-Settlement reports comply with Australian Standard 4349.0 Inspection of Buildings and satisfies the widely used REIWA Good Working Order Warranty Annexure requested by most buyers.


Experienced Inspectors

All our inspectors are WA Registered Builders, are experienced in building inspections and carry full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance cover.


Time to make repairs

Completing a Good Working Order inspection at the beginning of the purchasing process will allow the seller more time to complete any necessary repairs highlighted in the report well before settlement.


Good Working Order Report

In conjunction with my team, I have created an inspection that takes the hassle out of completing these checks yourself.

The Good Working Order inspection report is a comprehensive non-technical check of the Electrical, Plumbing and Gas fixtures and fittings and records any issues found in detail.

Good working order perth



The report can be given to the seller, so they know what items need to be fixed prior to the pre-settlement inspection.

This will make your pre-settlement inspection a breeze as the seller will have had an opportunity to rectify issues highlighted in the report.

Giving you more time to figure out what wall to mount your flat screen tv or mediate your kids on which rooms they are getting.

“It was simple to book and communication between all parties was smooth. The report we received was very detailed and thorough and was followed up with a phone call from Jeremy who did the inspection. The written report was received that afternoon. Jeremy identified quite a few defects including a structural issue and electrical faults.  I would definitely recommend Home Integrity and would use them again in the future.”  Sarah, Duncraig 

If you need a Good Working Order or Pre-Settlement Inspection, we can take care of everything fast. Email us on [email protected], or call the team on (08) 8375 8130 and they will be happy to assist you with any of your pre-purchase inspection needs.