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Replacing Your Roof Cover

Replacing Your Roof Cover

Replacing Your Roof Cover Perth

Things You Need to Consider When Upgrading Your Roof

When purchasing a new home in Perth, a pre-purchase structural inspection will assess the structural integrity of the roof structure of the home.  

Often when purchasing an older home, alterations, additions and possibly even the replacement of the roof cover has been carried out. In many cases, these improvements likely played a large part in you choosing your future home.  

Whilst it may look great, you also need to be confident that the work has been carried out correctly. 

Do I need a Building Permit to Change My Roof?

Firstly, when your roof cover has been changed from one material to another, engaging a builder or engineer is key to ensure the roof structure has been modified for the changes in loads.  

Secondly, when changing your roof cover to a lighter or heavier material, you will likely require a building permit with your Local Government.  

The builder who worked on this project should have submitted an application for you as they are responsible for ensuring the work complies with the building standards, plans and specifications.  

Even if a building permit was not required, the owner must ensure the building work complies with the applicable building standards. 

Replacing a roof is not a DIY job! 

A recent article on the trade website HiPages said “Due to the safety implications and specialist skills required, re-roofing is not recommended as a DIY project. Only a qualified roofing contractor has the equipment and skill needed to do the job right.” 

When re-roofing has been or is to be carried out, the following scenario’s must be assessed: 

  1. Roof cover replacement with like for like – The roof structure should be inspected to ensure it has not deteriorated over time (i.e., sagging evident) and is performing adequately. 
  2. When replacing with a heavier material (eg Tin to tile) – additional structural members and supports will likely need to be installed/upgraded to hold the extra weight 
  3. When replacing with a lighter material (eg Tile to tin) – tie-downs need to be installed/checked to ensure the new roof does not blow away. 

Item 3 is the most common scenario with tin roofing growing in popularity over the last 20 years or more. Unfortunately, it is common to find homes that have been re-roofed with Tin/Colorbond sheeting and where tie-downs have not been considered or installed. This can be a Major Structural Defect 


Roof Replacement Missing Tiedowns
Missing Tiedowns
Example: No tie-downs were visible to the perimeter walls and roof frame connections which was required when the roof was converted from tiles to metal.


Next Steps

Whilst it is certainly easier to install additional tie-downs during a re-roofing project, if they have not been installed, in most cases a cost-effective solution can be found.

If this is discovered during one of our pre-purchase structural inspections or a defect inspection, retrofitting of perimeter tie-downs and installation of additional strapping/brackets to suitably tie down your roof can be recommended. 

At Home Integrity, our focus will be to ease your concerns and solve your problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  

They found defects in the roof that potentially could of cost me thousands of dollars down the track if it wasn’t for these guys.” – Peta, High Wycombe  

If you would like a quote for an inspection on a home you are buying, click here and you will get an instant price on our complete range of services.  Alternatively, please call our Booking Team on (08) 8375 8130 and they will be more than happy to assist with your quote.  


Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. What does the seller have to fix?

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. What does the seller have to fix?

MAJOR STRUCTURAL DEFECTS What does the seller have to fix

New Building Inspection Report Summary – Major Structural Defects

Reading and understanding a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report can be difficult!

Some Pre-Purchase Building Reports can be filled with so much Building jargon, understanding which photos represent building elements built well, versus building elements that are an issue can be very confusing.

Some Pre-Purchase Building Reports have page, after page, of Terms, Conditions and Limitations that can leave you wondering. “Is this report worth the paper it is written on?”.

Who can carry out a pre-purchase inspection report?

Then there is the question of “Is the inspector qualified?” and what qualifications do inspectors in WA actually need? Registration or License?

There are NO minimum qualifications or requirements for Building Inspectors in WA. There are in other States, but not WA which is alarming. If an inspector is stating they are “Licenced” and quotes a number you should be cautious, as there are no licencing requirements in WA.

It is possible they are part of a franchise or paid a license fee to operate in a particular area.

So, who can you trust?

I am sure you would not buy a used car without having it thoroughly inspected by an experienced and qualified mechanic, well the same can be said for houses and Registered Builders.

WA Registered Builders are Registered with the Building Commission of Western Australia and have a Builders Registration number.

Whether you are a Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agent or Conveyancer. A report that is easy to read, understand and completed by a professional will give you comfort to make informed decisions and take action.

At Home Integrity Building Consultants, we want to make buying a home stress-free and easy

All Home Integrity inspectors are experienced, WA Registered Builders, qualified to inspect for Timber Pests and Termites and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Home Integrity Building Consultants understand people are different and may require varying levels of detail to feel comfortable, so we created different reports with varying detail to provide comfort based on specific needs. Structural, Structural Plus and Structural Premium.

Regardless of the level of inspection selected: Structural, Structural Plus or Structural Premium, all reports satisfy the requirements of the Australian Standard 4349.1 Pre-Purchase Inspections of Residential Buildings and Building Inspection Annexures conditions.

The most popular building inspection annexure currently used in WA is the REIWA Australian Standard Building Inspection Annexure dated 2019. In a nutshell, this annexure obligates the seller to action if there are Major Structural Defects to the residential building.

To satisfy this annexure and make it clear with regards to Major Structural Defects to the residential Building, Home Integrity have created a special summary page that highlights the requirements of the REIWA annexure perfectly.

If there are no Major Structural Defects to the Residential Building a summary like the one below will be generated in the report.

Major Structural Defects Building Inspection Perth

If there are Major Structural Defects to the Residential Building a summary like the one below will be generated listing the Major Structural Defects.

Major Structural Defects Perth Building Inspections

From the summary, a Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agent or Conveyancer can clearly see the condition of the REIWA Australian Standard Building Inspection Annexure has been dealt with. This allows the appropriate notices to be issued or resolve that the condition may now be satisfied.

Full details of any Major Structural Defects including photos are recorded as normal in the body of the report. This will assist with remedial works or any other appropriate action to be taken.

I was very pleased with how comprehensive Steve was on his report, along with the ability to pick up the phone and have a good chat with him and talk to him to discuss all pages in the report. Steve was more than happy to answer any questions I had and was happy for me to call him going forward if needed. Adam, Dawesville

If you need a Structural Pre-Purchase Building and / or Timber Pest (Termite) inspection we can take care of everything fast. Book online by clicking here. Email us on [email protected], or call the team on 08 8375 8130.

Building Inspections in Bunbury and South West WA

Building Inspections in Bunbury and South West WA

Building Inspection in Bunbury and the Southwest

Use Local – Building Inspection in Bunbury and South WA

Whether you are buying an existing home or building a new home in Bunbury and the surrounding Southwest WA towns, it is vital that you have a building inspection completed by an experienced, qualified building professional who understands this region.  

Home Integrity Building Consultants are WA’s leading Building Inspection company and can assist with an array of building inspections to ensure you are prepared for home ownership.  

Peter Andrews is a Bunbury local, and services the Southwest Region. This region includes from Preston Beach, East to Katanning and South to Augusta. Having been a builder in this region for several years, he understands the conditions and requirements to which homes should be built and maintained.  

Peter has over 18 years’ experience within the building industry, is a WA Registered Builder and is also a licensed electrician. He is available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and on weekends subject to availability. 

Home Integrity offer the full suite of building inspections in Bunbury and the Southwest region:

  • Structural Pre-Purchase Inspections 
  • Timber Pest / Termite Inspections 
  • Good Working Order Inspections 
  • Pre-Settlement Inspections 
  • Defect Inspections 
  • Dilapidation Inspections 
  • Commercial Inspections 
  • New Home Building Inspections 
  • Practical Completion Inspections 
  • Homeowner Warranty Inspections 
  • Defect Liability Inspections 
  • Strata Condition Reports and 10 Year Plans 
  • Expert Witness Reports for Building Commission and SAT 

Pre-purchase inspection reports are emailed the same day as the inspection and are followed up with a phone call from the inspector to walk you through your report, so you clearly understand everything. 

All Home Integrity inspections are thorough, accurate and reporting exceeds the requirements of the Australian Standards 4349.0, AS 4349.1 AS 4349.3 and AS 3660.2.  

Home Integrity have a team of eleven inspectors that cover the Perth Metro, Peel and Southwest Region. All our inspectors are Registered Builders, qualified to report on Termites and Timber Pests, and have an abundance of practical experience in the building industry. 

We also have a team of admin superstars that work behind the scenes to ensure bookings are made efficiently and your questions are answered.  

I was fortunate enough to attend the inspection also and Peter was more than happy to advise on anything discovered etc. very happy with the service.Corey, South Bunbury

Thank you so much Home Integrity. Your service was excent and gave us peace of mind. Tracey, Dunsborough

If you would like a quote for an inspection on a home you are buying or building, click here. 

Our admin team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They can be reached on email [email protected] or you can contact them during office hours on 08 8375 8130. 


Resolving Faulty and Defective Workmanship by Your Builder

Resolving Faulty and Defective Workmanship by Your Builder

Resolving Faulty and Defective Workmanship by Your Builder

Building Inspections to help resolve building defects fast! 

Building your dream home can either be a very exciting time for you and your family, or an extremely stressful experience. Most of the time thankfully, when we do building inspections in Perthbuilders get it right and peoples dreams are realised. However, on the odd occasion things don’t go to plan, getting problems rectified by your builder in a timely manner can be frustrating and stressful if you don’t follow a definitive process.  

Many builders offer a lifetime structural warranty on homes they build, which is great. This warranty generally covers the structural elements of the building I.e. footings, ground slab, exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling frame and roof frame. But what about those other defects that aren’t associated with the building structure like roof leaks, window leaks, ceilings cracking, drummy tiles, sinking paving just to name a few. Few people realise that the Home Building Contract Act of 1991 obligates builders to rectify all faulty and defective workmanship for a period of 6 years after the date of practical completion.  

We understand conveying issues and problems with your home to your builder can be difficult to articulate in a manner that will get resolved in a timely fashion. Most people will reach for their smartphone, take a bunch of photos and draft an email to the best of their ability and send off to their builder with an expectation that their issues and problems will be promptly actioned.  

Most builders are great and have a dedicated maintenance division and can attend to issues in a timely manner. However, some may not be as responsive. 

Some homeowners, unfortunately, get the run around from their builder because the information they supply is not very clear and in a format the builder can easily interpret.  

To assist homeowners in having their faulty and defective workmanship actioned by their builder in a timely manner we developed a unique Defect Liability Report.

This Defect Liability Report captures faulty and defective workmanship in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0. The report details issues clearly and in a way that allows the builder to understand the location of the issue, the type of issue, why it is an issue and most importantly, what needs to be done about it.

We believe most builders want to do the right thing most of the time however, on the odd occasion your builder is not responding there is a clear, prescribed pathway through the Building Commission complaints process that will ensure an outcome.

The Building Commission’s process is very simple and involves 4 steps:

Building Complaint Procedure
Notice of Proposed Complaint Building Commission

You will be required to pay a fee to the Building Commission of $119 (current at 1st June 2021). The Building Commission will accept a valid complaint based on the nature of the complaint and the information provided. The Building Commission will make an assessment and/or send an inspector to site to further investigate.

In our experience successful complaints are accompanied by reports that clearly substantiate issues and problems with our client’s home. Considering the Building Commission may send out their own inspector, Home Integrity’s Defect Liability Report is the perfect evidence to accompany the Notice of Proposed Complaint to the Builder or Building Complaint to the Building Commission.  

“I’ve found the team at Home Integrity invaluable and helpful, navigating through some complex building industry issues. We have used other inspectors in the past but found Home Integrity’s professionalism and willingness to go that extra mile to get the job done is most rewarding.”
Petro, Building Manager

Where a valid claim has been made, a Building Remedy Order will be issued which will prescribe the action for each item the builder must take within a specified timeframe. Or if there is no action required by the builder the Building Commission may elect to dismiss the item and gives reasons as to why.

If you would like an expert in your corner to assist with this process, please call 08 8375 8130 or Contact Us and we can discuss your unique situation and the recommended path forward. 

Sink or Swim: Pre Purchase Pool Inspections

Sink or Swim: Pre Purchase Pool Inspections

Pre Purchase Pool Inspection Perth

Pre Purchase Pool Inspections in Perth

When buying a home in Perth, a Building & Pest Inspection is common practice. But if you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool and you want to avoid costly repair bills in the future, it is equally as important to get the pool, its equipment and safety barrier inspected.

A Pool Inspector who is an experienced pool builder, and SPASA accredited, is the best person to complete an inspection of the pool, its equipment, and safety barrier.

A Pool Inspector will be able to identify potentially costly issues. Some of these issues may need to be attended to by the seller under the “Good Working Order Warranty” if included in your contract of sale

Pool & Spa Safety Barriers

A pool inspection should not only cover the functionality and structure of the pool itself, but also the surrounding safety barriers.

In WA, a pool or spa that contains water greater than 300mm deep must have a compliant barrier installed (as per the Building Act 2011 and the Building Regulations 2012) that restricts access by young children. Whilst local government carry out checks, these are only done roughly every 4 years. A lot can change in that time!

Forty children under the age of five drowned in Western Australia in the decade between 2003 and 2013. (Source: Royal Lifesaving Society WA – Keep Watch10 year Review of Drowning Data).

During our inspections we often see outdoor furniture or pot plants pushed up against pool fences which enables children to easily climb a fence and have access to the pool. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Our Pool Inspection Reports will highlight any areas of concern and/or non-compliance with respect to the pool safety barrier.

Structure & Equipment Inspection

In addition to the safety barriers, the pool structure itself will form part of the inspection. Whether constructed from Fibreglass, Concrete or Vinyl Lined, the report will comment on the overall condition of the pool with respect to its age and report on and visible damage and deterioration.

A pool inspection will highlight issues associated with the pool equipment. Some of these issues may need to be attended to by the seller under the “Good Working Order warranty” if included in your contract for sale. These may include:

  • Skimmer Box
  • Main Drain
  • Underwater Lights
  • Water Leveller
  • Pump
  • Filter, Valves, Returns and Fittings
  • Chlorinator/Controller
  • Heater
  • Water Features
  • Equipment (I.e., scoop, vacuum, auto cleaners, cover etc)

A comprehensive swimming pool inspection report will, ensure peace of mind, and provide guidance as to repairs that will be required. The last thing you want is faulty pool equipment resulting in a green pool a few days after settlement!

Home Integrity’s Pool Inspector is an experienced pool builder, and SPASA accredited. If you would like Home Integrity to arrange a pool, equipment and safety barrier inspection for a home you are buying, click here or contact us on 08 8375 8130 or email [email protected] today!