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Calculating the Replacement Cost of Your Home

After having a pre-purchase building inspection completed in Perth WA, people will often ask for help in estimating the value of their established home, for home insurance purposes. What the insurance form is probably asking of you is:  What is the replacement cost of...

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Defects should not scare you from buying a home!

We get asked all the time by buyers, “ok, so the seller has to fix all these defects listed on the report, is that right?” and the answer is, “well that largely depends what conditions you have in your contract.” It’s important to understand there are generally three...

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6 Tips on Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

6 Tips on Getting Your Home Ready for Winter. As the nights begin to get cooler and the sun starts to set earlier, we know that summer is drawing to a close.  The doonas will soon be out and we will see the change of seasons.  The beautiful colours of autumn will...

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