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Building Inspections and Electrical Safety

Building Disputes and Defect building Inspections can be a daunting topic for anyone who recently built or bought a new home in WA, but it doesn’t have to be so. With the right advice and guidance, it can be quite a straightforward process.

A builder’s liability covers 6 years from practical completion of the project. This covers the consumer whether they built the house or bought the property in that period.

It’s also handy to know, Builder’s Liability covers more than just the “Structural Warranty” to structural elements. It encompasses all faulty and defective work to all building elements including roof leaks, water ingress and ceramic tiling just to name a few.

If you believe your home is flawed or has faulty workmanship the first thing you should do is compile a list. You can do this yourself or engage the services of a qualified building inspector. Make sure the inspector is also a registered builder for best results.

Next step is to notify the builder and give them the opportunity to correct the issues. Most of the time the builder will oblige and provide the homeowner with a plan to rectify the situation.

If you don’t hear back within 14 days, aren’t happy with the response, or find out the builder has ceased to trade, you can then lodge a formal complaint to Building and Energy. At this stage, you may require a more detailed report provided by a professional.

Building and Energy recently provided this handy checklist to assist homeowners during their preliminary investigation.

Home Integrity offers comprehensive building dispute services including Defect Liability Inspection Reports and Expert Witness Reports. We support many Perth homeowners, particularly when they require support in stating their complaint to Building and Energy or the State Administrative Tribunal. 

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