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Building Disputes and Defect Inspections

Home Integrity complete comprehensive Building Disputes and Defect Inspections reports. Under many residential home building contracts, you have a contractual right to have Building Disputes and Defect Inspections addressed. At Home Integrity, we support many Perth homeowners in this process, particularly when they are requiring support in stating their complaint to the Building Commission or appealing a decision in the State Administrative Tribunal.

When can a Complaint be Made?

A complaint for faulty and defective work can be made up to 6 years after practical completion, whether you were the original owners or client or not.

Practical Completion would normally occur when the Practical Completion Inspection was carried out, just prior to key handover or final payment.

The Building Commission in Perth have a process for lodging a complaint about a regulated building service not being carried out in a proper and proficient manner, or for being faulty or unsatisfactory.


Builders Liability

Many builders refer to this as a ‘Structural Warranty’ covering only structural elements of the home. However, Builder’s Liability covers all faulty and defective work to all building elements including roof leaks, water ingress and ceramic tiling just to name a few, whereas replacement of items due to wear and tear is not the builder’s responsibility.


Registering a Complaint Against a Builder

Home Integrity works with homeowners to establish the facts, writing a detailed Report in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0 and the Guidelines for Building Complaint Reports for submission to the Building Commission.

The report satisfies the requirements of the Building Commission – clearly documenting defects, areas of non-compliance and suggested remedies.

In stating and documenting the complaint, it is recommended that homeowners appoint a Registered Builder who has experience in writing reports for the Building Commission.


State Administrative Tribunal or a Court of Law

Home Integrity also appears as an Expert Witness for cases trialled at either the State Administrative Tribunal or a Court of Law.


Our Process

At all stages, Home Integrity supports homeowners, so their claims are dealt with quickly. We are passionate about protecting owners’ rights and providing an objective and qualified opinion of the facts – an essential component of any successful Building Commission claim.

For any items that are the responsibility of the Builder, our reports can be relied upon by the Commissioner to award adequate compensation for restoration and repair of your home.


What is Included:

All inspections are in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0. Reports comply with the guidelines set out by the Building Commission, and are carried out by Experienced Registered Builders.

  • Complainant statements
  • Inspectors observations and comments
  • Photos of the defects
  • References to relevant sections of Guides, Codes, Standards and manufactures specifications
  • Suggested action / remedy
  • Access to specialized equipment and consultants
  • Support with lodging Building Commission forms: Notice of Proposed Complaint and Building Complaint forms
  • Representation as an Expert Witness at State Administrative Tribunal


What is the Next Step?

If you would like some advice regarding your situation and to see if we are a suitable fit, please call 0420 803 292 or Contact Us and we can discuss your unique situation and the recommended path forward.


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