It is very essential to get a home inspection in Perth when you are buying a home. It would help identify if there is any problem in the house you are about to buy. Then, you can either ask the seller to remedy those issues before the documentation or simply decide to drop the purchase. In Perth home building inspection experts are in abundance, but not all inspectors are the same. Important things to consider when choosing a home inspector are given below,

Get suggestions from your real estate agent

If you are sure that your real estate agent has your best interests in heart, then she/he might be the best person to get a reference. They would have dealt with many home inspectors in their profession and an easily suggest a highly acclaimed home inspector.


See how long the inspector has been doing this and how many clients he has served before. The best source of knowledge is experience. You shouldn’t trust a person who does home and pest inspection in Perth as a part time job or someone who is in the business not more than two years.

Ask whether the company provides a written report

Make sure that the company gives a detailed report at the end of the inspection not just a hand written note, which is difficult to decipher and read. A responsible inspector would offer a computer generated report that outlines a narrative report and specific details about your home.

Ask whether you could be there during the inspection

By accompanying the inspector, you can gain beneficial insight into the condition of the home you are interested in. A good inspector would describe all the entities he/she is looking for and let you make note of anything that could trouble you in the future.

Compare the prices

Yes, you need to know about the rates charged by different inspection companies and compare them before reaching a decision. However, get detailed descriptions of what each of the company does when inspecting your home so that you can make a well-informed choice.

Look for testimonials

The satisfactory level of the previous customers tells you everything you need to know about a company. So, you need to take the testimonials left by the others before you into account.

Make sure that the company does not provide repair or renovation services

Companies that offer additional repair services may find issues that weren’t there and encourage you to do any unwanted repairs to earn more. Hence, steer clear of those companies.

Choose your home inspector very carefully because his/her competence plays a significant role in making the big investment of your lifetime.