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Commercial Building Inspections Perth

Buying a commercial building can be daunting. So undertaking a Commercial Building Inspection will provide comfort and certainty about your purchase. The pitfalls that can occur when purchasing a commercial property are similar to when purchasing a residential property.The main difference is the potential cost impact of any defect. Unidentified issues on commercial properties are more likely to cost more than residential defects.


What are the issues faced by someone purchasing a Commercial Building?

Issues faced by purchasers of commercial property range from structural, water ingress and general condition defects.There can also be working order defects and even unapproved structures. The range of defects may depend on the type of commercial property, its age, and whether it is a sole occupancy property or in a strata complex? Is it ground floor and/or are there other commercial units above or below?

Commercial property with underground parking and water ingress issues. May not be significant if sole occupancy,
but what happens if leak is from another strata unit above. You will need an understanding of cost impact as well as
“who” will rectify defect and “how” you can ensure it is done.

Larger commercial warehouse/office unit with structural alterations that may or may not be built to a suitable engineering standard.
How do you ensure suitability?

Larger commercial warehouse/office unit with water ingress issues. How significant is this defect and how can it be repaired cost effectively?

The complexities and issues to consider when purchasing a commercial building are certainly higher than when purchasing residential property! So what can you do to ensure your new commercial building has NO SURPRISES waiting for you?

How do you gain a full understanding of the Commercial Building you are purchasing?

The best chance you have of gaining a full understanding of the commercial property you are purchasing is to undertake a Commercial Building Inspection. Commercial building inspections are extensive but are not limited to the structural components/adequacy. They also include the roof, condition and operation of general equipment, fittings and fixtures (eg plumbing, cabinetry and tiling). Internal and external finishes (eg parking areas, fencing and gates, drainage) are also considered.

A general assessment of the property, along with Major Defects, Safety Hazards and maintenance items will be included/documented. Also where a reportable item has been identified, a budget estimate of cost along with priority of repair (low, medium or high) will be provided. This will ensure that there are NO SURPRISES with your commercial building purchase.

Prior to purchase, it was determined that the upper floor/mezzanine was not council approved! Fortunately, Home Integrity were also able to provide Retrospective Approval service (we got it council approved) to ensure purchaser got exactly what he paid for.


Next Steps!

If you require any of the above Commercial Building Inspection services or other related inspection/approval services please click here or phone Anne on 0420 803 292 for more information.