Home Inspections in Perth are vitally important to ensure that the components and structure of a home are safe for the inhabitants. It helps home buyers avoid buying a property with hidden problems that can become costly repairs down the track. An inspection report will help a home owner or purchaser take action on areas that need repairs before they become major issues. It can also help a purchaser avoid buying a property with too many issues avoiding a costly mistake. Moreover, the inspection reports from the home inspectors can even help you to negotiate price reductions, if you are willing to take on the work required to fix the issues.  

Over the past years, new home inspections have found out,

  • New homes that required complete tear off and replacement of a brand new roof as the roof was installed improperly.
  • Some new homes required tearing out finished walls and ceilings to insulate as they had not been correctly insulated.
  • Incorrect installations techniques led to extensive siding replacement.
  • Active water damage from a leaking booster pump caused extensive replacement of the hardwood floors.

A lot of the above issues are invisible to the naked eye when viewing a home open. It is only discovered with a thorough new home building inspections in Perth.

Even if your home is built to the code, you must be aware of the following four critical points on how building code impacts residential house construction.

Building Codes – Minimum Set of Standards

The first and foremost every home is subjected to building codes these are the minimum set of standards by which home should be constructed. A home that is built to a lesser degree is considered to be illegal. Building your home to meet the standards of building code means that your home complies with local minimum standards and does not guarantee that “best practices” are used in the construction process.

 Construction is a Regional Concern

Homeowners should make it clear that building codes are based on national standard and construction varies regionally. Based on the factors such as wind, climate, fire zones, and seismic zones, building codes may vary. The difference in the construction methods, materials, techniques and environmental challenges make it hard for building codes to adapt to the local standards.

Building Codes Defer to Manufacturer’s Specifications

Building codes have basic standards. However, each house system such as ceiling, roofing, siding and insulations need to be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. An inspection report will advise that all instalments meet manufacturer’s instructions or identify any issues before you purchase someone else’s problem property.

The Bottom Line

Building codes and building departments play a vital role in helping to ensure that safe and reliable houses are being constructed. But, our houses are complex systems that are tailored to our function and usage. Sometimes, even the best builders with the best intentions will have difficulty executing everything on a residential build. So, it is essential to have new building inspections in Perth that can add value by evaluating the overall quality and design of the building.