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Owner-builder Inspections

Our owner builder Inspections follow you through all the major milestones of construction. Our reports are written in plain English, and follow an easy-to-understand format. We will walk you through the important items in the Building Inspection and highlight defective workmanship not carried out in a proper and proficient manner.

What is an Owner Builder?

Being an owner builder basically means you are building your own home without a registered building company. You assume the role of the building professional and are responsible for the entire project. Building and Energy explain further here.


Owner Building Services

Our owner-builder inspection services are designed to alleviate some pressures attached to the owner-build process. We offer a second set of qualified eyes, there to assess the work of your trades and report back on any areas of concern.

Our building inspection reports are written in plain English, and follow an easy-to-understand format while still being in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0.

Faults that go unnoticed can cause knock-on effects to your build down the line, triggering costly delays and construction problems. Our building inspection reports will assist you in keeping on top of quality control and ensuring your build progresses as smoothly as possible.

On top of our traditional new build inspections, our owner-build service offers extra time with the inspector for consultation. We understand you might need a little extra guidance on how best to remedy a situation. We walk you through the areas of concern and provide advice on possible solutions. We can also talk to your trades and explain what’s needed to rectify the problem.

Our qualified building inspectors are all registered builders with many years of industry experience. You can draw on this experience and knowledge of building standards and practices to communicate your stance.


Inspection types:


Slab Inspection

What’s Included: Slab dimensions Slab thickness Footing dimensions Plumbing and electrical pre-lay location on slab.

30 minute consultation.

Plate Height Inspection

What’s Included: Window and door frames installed plumb and square Window and door frames are in the correct location within reason as per plans. Flashings and Weep holes installed.

30 minute consultation.

Suspended Slab Inspection

For double storey homes

What’s Included: Slab dimensions. Slab thickness Upturn / downturn beam dimensions. Plumbing and electrical pre-lay location on slab.

30 minute consultation.

Roof Frame Inspection

What’s Included: Holding down straps and tie down points fixed to roof frame.

Ceiling frame: Ceiling Joists, Ceiling Joist Trimmers, Hangers, Counter beams.

Roof frame: Timber/Metal roof battens, Ridge, Rafters, Under-purlins and Struts and Collar ties.

30 minute consultation.

Completion inspection

What’s Included: Roof Cladding: Tiles: installation, fixing-centres, corrosion protection, adequate use of pointing – hip and ridge tiles. Roof Sheeting: fixing, including ridges and hips. Penetrations. Gutters joins, clips. Downpipes location, joins, spacing and clips.

30 minute consultation.

Consultation services are also available for those times when a full inspection is not required.

Please contact the office for pricing. 

For pricing or booking call the office on 08 8375 8130 or leave your details below and we’ll be in touch.

“Rick pointed out the need to check that the plans cover the room changes… and the plans weren’t updated. Thanks Rick”

Meadow Springs

“We cannot thank Jason enough for the thorough inspection and going the extra mile to contact our super and bricklayer to arrange for rectifications. My partner spoke to Jason on the phone and says, quote, ‘he’s an awesome guy!’


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