Termite Inspection Perth

Authorities recommend a professional termite inspection at least once a year. Termite damage is not covered by your home insurance, so think of it as a health check on your home.

Termite Inspections Perth

If you own a property and you want your property checked for termites, you need a termite inspection.

This inspection is designed to detect termite activity, termite damage and conditions / construction issues that will make a termite attack more likely.

With a termite attack more likely than fire, flood and natural disaster combined (and termite attack is not covered by your home insurance), regular termite inspections are a must for all home owners.



If you have found termites or termite activity, Don’t Touch them, Spray them or Break open wood / mud tubes. All these activities can make them more difficult to control

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Our comprehensive timber pest inspection

All our termite inspections are carried out according to Australian standards 3660.2 and will determine:

  • The level of any termite activity
  • Whether there is any termite damage, and
  • If there are any conditions conducive to termite attack
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What areas of the property do we inspect?

  • We inspect all buildings, structures and attachments within the property boundaries. 
  • Full inspection of every room.
  • Complete inspection of roof void area.
  • Subfloor areas (if present)
  • Inspect timber fences, decks, pergolas, outbuildings, trees and landscape timbers in a 30m radius of the main building (within the property boundaries)

Note: Areas listed above must be accessible and relevant to your property.

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What information is in the termite inspection report?

We will discuss any findings with you directly, but the key output is a comprehensive written report with photos detailing:

  • Any visual evidence of current termite activity (location, extent)
  • The extent and location of any termite damage
  • Any construction issues and environmental conditions that make your property more likely to come under termite attack
  • A summary of the risk of ongoing and future damage to your property
  • Recommendations for solving construction and environmental issues to make the property less likely to suffer termite attack
  • Report on any pre-existing termite management systems in place and make recommendations to ensure its effectiveness, whilst educating you on the maintenance requirements
  • Recommendations for a termite management plan to eliminate any current infestation and aid in reducing any risk of future infestations
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What termite inspection equipment do we use?

Our key piece of detection equipment is our moisture metre – for finding leaks and potential areas of termite activity. However, it is our skills and experience from years as builders and inspectors that allow us to know where to look and spot the early signs of any problems.



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