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Lyn – West Leederville

The report’s first statement is, “The purpose of the inspection is to identify the major defects and safety hazards associated with the property at the time of the inspection.”

1. We don’t consider an internal bedroom door which doesn’t close perfectly a ‘safety issue’.

2. “There is no sealant at the junction of the splashback and vanity top, nor the splashback and bench top” shows the inspector doesn’t know enough about building standards – our builder came to inspect and said the sealant is consealed beneath the lip of the basins – done in the old fashioned way so you don’t see the sealant and it doesn’t get dirty.

3. “Lighting fixtures are not operating as expected” – a light globe needed replacing. Hardly a major defect nor safety issue.

4. “Bath plug is not operating as expected.” The chain broke some years ago and a standard plug is used instead. Hardly a major defect nor safety issue.

5. “No earth to power point” – exterior power supply to pond pump. The switch is inside the main entry. We paid for an electrician to check it out as it was said to be a “Possible electrical hazard.” The electrician said it is not a safety issue as the power is controlled by the inside power switch – he worked this out without asking us or going inside. Your inspector seems a bit inexperienced in electrical issues.

6. “Minor sinking to paving near pool” – we had several pool trades in and none of them could spot the “material deterioration, safety hazard” resulting in “personal injury.”

Lyn - West Leederville Pre-Purchase Inspection April 26, 2019