The real estate market has sky rocketed in many parts of the country and there is no lack of newly constructed buildings. So, most homeowners do not even bother with an independent new home inspection in Perth. But they fail to understand that even brand new homes might have issues. Remember that too many tradesmen come in contact with the various systems of a house. Consider the electrical system, the wirings from the main panel need to go through walls, ceilings and even floors before they reach the electrical outlets.  How many electricians would have handled that electric system by now? Would everybody have done their job perfectly? Are you sure about that?

Well, you may think that it is the duty of the building supervisor to make sure everything goes right. But keep in mind supervisors often has too many building under their responsibility, which makes it hard to absolutely focus on a single project. Also, the regional inspector may not have enough time to review each house thoroughly and finish their inspection, given the amount of constructions going on all around the area.

Here are the reasons to hire a professional to conduct new building inspection in Perth,

Newly constructed homes can have flaws too

A new house may look absolutely perfect externally, but no one has lived in yet to see if there is anything amiss. You might have heard that brand new products can be riddled with numerous defects but those were found only after they have been tried by a costumer. When you buy a new home, you are the first person to experiment how well the new air conditioning unit works and how perfectly waterproofed your basement is.

Codes are nothing but a minimum requirement

Building codes are just a set of standard codes and constructing a house to any lesser degree would be considered illegal. So if a newly built house complies with the local building standards, it doesn’t mean that it was constructed by using best practices.

Identification of issues before your move

Things that could compromise the safety of your family like a leaking gas pipe could be addressed before your move. Thus, home inspections in Perth ensure the protection of your loved ones.

Problems could be found before they could lead to any serious damage

If there is any defect that could result in you paying more later on, it can be remedied before they could cause any costly damage.

It weights a lot in case of a resale

When you decide to sell your home in the future, the buyers might hire a home inspector of their own. If there is anything wrong with the original construction, it is you who have to pay for those deficiencies.

Therefore, hire expert home inspections Perth to check for any faults in your new home before moving into it.