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People conducting a Progress Building Inspection

Progress Building Inspections are essential for any new home builder in Perth, Western Australia.

The current building boom and uncertainty around trades, materials, and builders in general, can be concerning when embarking on a new build process. The stress levels rise, and quality assurance becomes paramount. This is an opportune time to engage a qualified building inspector to check your build at every key milestone.

Your building project is set up in 4 – 6 different stages. For a single storey – concrete slab, plate height, roof frame and practical completion. With a second storey add suspended slab and an additional plate height before practical completion.

Graphic explaining stages of construction

At the completion of each of these stages, your builder will likely require the next portion of funds to be released from your bank. In this current market, savvy home builders would be well placed to conduct a progress building inspection before the next stage of construction begins.

This is your chance to make sure any complications with your build are dealt with before construction moves any further, and any extra funds are spent.

We’ve come across some great examples recently of faulty workmanship including walls that don’t align, plumbing in the wrong spots and short lintels over doorways.

Minor issues when we found them, but major issues later in the build if not rectified. Imagine finding out your bath doesn’t fit at handover or your walls cracking over the doorway a few months after moving in.

Our inspectors are all registered builders who know how to communicate issues with your builder without getting them offside. We’ll help them pick up defects early and rectify before it’s too far into the build. With Inspections starting at $445 it really is worth it. To find out more about progress building inspections and pricing click here. Or contact one of our wonderfully helpful team on 08 8375 813.



Want more information? Elias, from Home Integrity, put together a webinar last year when the first ripples of the building boom were starting to take effect. Click the button below to see for yourself, how valuable this service can be.